Adult Ministries

Adult Ministry

  • Life Groups
  • Covenant Groups

Ministry Contact: Dr. Jeremy Roberts

Life Groups

Adult Life Groups offer friendships, support, Biblical wisdom, ministry, and love. You will be challenged and encouraged to take the lessons learned here and apply them in your life throughout the week. Our desire is for every adult to find his/her place in a Sunday morning Life Group class at 9:45am! Our Sunday morning Life Groups are categorized according to your life stages or ages. View this brochure, and find the group that’s right for you!

We have three goals for our life groups:

  • Connect the Unconnected

  • Strengthen Families

  • Disciple with Wisdom


Check out this brochure for more details.

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Ministry Contact: Dr. Jeremy Roberts

Covenant Groups

We are Growing True Disciples of Christ! Through Covenant Groups, believers are engaged in relationships of accountability, transparency, and trust. They are rooted in God’s Word, devoted to community, and living with purpose. Also, believers are committed to imitating Christ by creating more disciples.

A Covenant Group is a small Group of adults who meet weekly in homes across Marshall, TX. They have a meal together, study the Bible together, pray for each other, and stay connected throughout the week. This is a discipleship process groups go through together which lasts 8-12 months.


“Before we started our group I thought this was just going to be something else on our busy schedule. I have now come to the point where I can’t imagine not having this group in my life. This is vital to my life.

-Covenant Group Member


Check out this brochure for more details.