Adult Ministries

Adult Ministry



  • 4's – PreK
    -Teacher: Peggy Anderson
    -Location: Room 108
  • Kindergarten
    -Teacher: Sheila Ratcliff
    -Location: Room 206
  • 1st Grade
    -Teacher: Eva Jumper
    -Location: Room 207
  • 2nd Grade
    -Teacher: Jan Knox
    -Location: Room 208
  • 3rd Grade
    -Teacher: Tina Patterson
    -Location: Room 209
  • 4th Grade
    -Teacher: Terry Daly
    -Location: Room 210
  • 5th – 6th Grade
    -Teacher: Michael and Erin Woodfin
    -Location: Room 211

*All youth classes meet at The Grange campus.

  • -Jr. High Boys
    -Teacher: Noah Batts
  • -Jr. High Girls
    -Teacher: Jessica Ford and Alyssa Reynolds
  • 9th-10th Grade Boys
    -Teacher: George Craig and Preston Paul
  • -9th-10th Grade Girls
    -Teacher: Megan Price and Carrie Keeling
  • 11th-12th Grade Boys
    -Teacher: Jason Skinner and Steven Buckner
  • 11th-12th Grade Girls
    -Teacher: Carla Dooley and Kayla Golden

*All youth classes meet at The Grange campus.

Young Adults Group

  • Teacher: Jeremy Greer
  • Location: The Grange Campus Chapel
  • Age Range: 18-mid 20s
  • Description: We are a group of students and young adults from various walks of life who are passionately pursuing God’s Word and learning how to apply it to our lives.


-Teacher: Jeremy Roberts
-Location: Fellowship Hall
-Age Range: 20s – 50s
-Description: We are a group of adults that come together for Life Transformation. We have a passion for God’s Word heart for Serving And Leading Together.


-Teacher: Mark Sartain
-Location: Room 203
-Age Range: 30s-50s
-Description: Our class provides a great environment for all groups of adults to grow together while growing closer to Christ.

Henderson Class

-Teacher: Anthony Henderson
-Location: Room 202
-Age Range: 30s – 50s
-Description: Our class is a dynamic group of couples and singles who are devoted to getting people excited about the Word!


-Teacher: Dave Simmons
-Location: The Chapel
-Age Range: 20s – 60+
-Description: We are a group of adults of all ages that have a passion for studying God’s Word while growing closer together, and ministering to other’s needs.

James Class

-Teacher: Kyle James
-Location: Room 206
-Age Range: 50+
-Description: Our class serves to help Christian adults in their Empty Nester years grow in Christ by continuing to develop a relationship with Him.

Williams Class

-Teacher: Jerry Williams
-Location: Room 200
-Age Range: 50s – 60s
-Description: Our emphasis is on sound Bible teaching, prayer and warm fellowship that provides a solid, mature foundation in our walk with Christ.


-Teacher: Steve Ratcliff
-Location: Room 204
-Age Range: 60+
-Description: We have an excited class of people who are passionate about going deeper with God. We love God and we love people.


-Teacher: Mike Stewart
-Location: Choir Room
-Age Range: 60+
-Description: We are a fellowship of praying Believers who love the Lord and care deeply for each other.


-Teacher: Sarah Calvert
-Location: Room 103
-Age Range: 50s – 60+
-Description: Our class is a group of ladies who love to connect with each other through Bible Study.


-Teacher: Patrica Harber
-Location: Room 101
-Age Range: 60+
-Description: Our class provides a warm, welcoming environment for senior adult ladies to grow in Christ and friendships.

Spanish Class

-Teacher: Carmen Delgado
-Location: Room 102
-Age Range: Various
-Description: Reaching the growing community of Spanish speaking people in order to bring them closer to Christ.

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